Family Photos & News

July 1, 2016: Mom woke up laughing today! She’s talking and responding. I’m enjoying the morning just listening to her. I recorded her laughing and added a few photos. Enjoy!

I made a short movie about Mom. It focuses on remembering her for the first 80 years of her life, and not the recent years with Alzheimer’s. My Mom:

I made a photo book for Mom/Guppy for Mothers’ Day. It focuses on her childhood, marriage, children and just her. I’d love to add grand kids, cousins, and special tributes to those we’ve lost, but this is what I have time for right now.

I made this book for Mom in 2014. There is a soft cover copy at the house.


View “Mom’s Book” here.

You can go to the Blurb Store, where you can look at the entire book online and order a copy if you want. I’ll warn you though, it’s pricy!