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2018 Babies!

We are proud to add Wyatt Alexander (Alex/Janet) to the Marra family!

We are proud to add Phoenix Christopher (Stephanie/Dana) to the Marra family!

We are waiting for Baby Girl Shaw (Mike/Debby/Nancy) sometime soon!

Photos will follow!

Finally working on this website!

Sunset on the lake

Sunset on the lake

I’ve made a number of changes in the Genealogy page. There are new images representing each family line, and basic information on each line is given. Check it out. I’d love suggestions on additions!

The Family News page has me stymied. I don’t want to give information that would compromise any family member. I might look into a password protected page that requires a login.

I have MANY old photos that I could eventually incorporate. It just. Takes time, energy and an organizational structure.