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Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!

Today would have been Mom and Dad’s 73rd Anniversary. Since 2018 when Mom passed, it had been Dad’s practice to get a red rose and put it on the cemetery marker for Mom. But Dad is not buried yet, so what can we do today to celebrate and remember their anniversary?

Memories! Photos! A scrapbook of sorts, online.

Wedding Photo, 1949

Wedding Photo, 1949
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Pat and Jenny Marra Wedding Photo 1949

Mom and Dad were married in Dayton, Ohio September 2, 1949. They forever linked their anniversary to Labor Day weekend. The ceremony was small, with Uncle Melvin and Aunt Maggie standing up with them. Grandpa and Grandma Rohr were there, as was Aunt Mary and Grandma Marra from the Soo. Great Grandpa Rohr and Great Grandma Friend were in attendance and a few of the aunts. Later, Mom and Dad honeymooned in Detroit.

Mom and Dad, 2012

Mom and Dad, 2012
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Mom and Dad in 2012

Becky captured this moment in 2012 when Mom was not fully enthralled by Alzheimers. The love in her eyes never wavered over the years, and the love and care in his eyes never wavered either.


Mom and Dad left a legacy. No doubt about it. In sheer numbers, they left children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and generations to come. They left traditions, knowledge, a spiritual heritage, financial knowledge and wisdom, laughter and love. All of this came from their love for each other, poured out and into their family, their friends, their business and community.

Mom Memorial Photo

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Jenny Marra 1999 Memorial Photo

Happy 73rd Anniversary, Mom and Dad!

Dad and Pizzelles

I brought Pizzelles with me when I visited Dad in April. Pizzelles are an Italian waffle cookie, very delicate. These are called PIZZELLE DI NONNA and are anise flavored. Dad wanted his with Cool Whip, like a sandwich. You’ll make a mess, I said. No, I won’t, he said. Janet gave in and put a dollop on a cookie. He took the spoon and took another dollop. I shook my head. What a mess, I thought. He wiped off his face before I could capture the full mess, honest.

Dad enjoying his creation

Thanksgiving Turkey Gravy

I just made Thanksgiving Dinner for PawPaw, Janet and Mikie. What fun! I actually haven’t cooked a Turkey for years, as Mark has been cooking the bird. Ours was a small turkey, a little over 14 pounds, and I had Mark’s instructions and some from the internet. I was ready to go. The goal was to have the Turkey in the oven by 10:30. It was in by 10:35. Dinner was to be at 2:00. Actual dinner was around 2:15. Getting all the last minute things together took a bit more time that I realized! The food was delicious! We had four pies for four people.

One of my every year responsibilities is to make the gravy. Guppy taught me how. I make the broth with the neck ones and giblet. I scrape up the drippings and add the broth. Now the tricky part. Guppy alway insisted the only way to thicken the gravy was to use an old glass Jif Peanut Butter jar, add flour, water and shake. She told me the shape of the bottom was the best for mixing the flour and water without lumps. For a number of years I have followed her example, using the jar she gave me.

Unfortunately, this past year, my jar fell onto my kitchen floor and broke. I can’t find another jar with the same shape. Could I possibly make gravy without the Jif jar? Today I used a mason jar. It worked! Guppy may not believe it, but there is a substitute for the Jif Peanut Butter jar!