An experiment

This site is an experiment.  It mostly a place to post photos of our ancestors, but I’ve left it open to also discuss family news- the kind that is public and not specific enough to threaten our identities.  If you have a photo to share, email it to me and I’ll put it up.  Maybe you’ve run across a photo from years ago that you’d forgotten about, or something exciting happens and you want the family to know.  Maybe you’ve got news to share!

My news is that I’m going to China!  We got a great deal and were able to work with the schedule offered.

My other news is that I have three images in a gallery exhibit in May!  I’ve gotten excited about using Impressionism techniques and might like to enter the fine art marketing of photographs business.  I’ll let you know!  I’ll be posting more at my photography website, in the days to come.

Just as spring flowers are beginning to bloom, but yet still winter, the sunrise breaks through the top of the trees.

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